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Longhand: Simple File Tagging Tool | Last Updated: v2.0 - 2018 Jan 10

sftagger is a simple file tagging tool written in C. It allows assigning multiple tags to each files/directories, categorising tags, and searching for files based on the tags assigned per files.

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Longhand: Martin's TK File Manager | Last Updated: BETA v5.0a - 2017 Apr 20

A Python3 file manager with media playback and preview support provided by GStreamer. TK were used as the graphical user interface toolkit, using TkInter for the implementation of Tk on Python3.

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Longhand: grillmaster-t28's HomePage v5 | Last Updated: v5.0 - 2016 Dec 22

Just a simple HTML+CSS Homepage to use. Too bad Firefox's new webextension makes newtabs more limited.

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